The View From Mount Clarence

A look back at settlement along Western Australia's South Coast

Category: Cocanarup and the Aborigines

  • White Man Goes To Cocanarup

    I stood there as that White Man. As part of the colonial influx which created and then sustained the aftermath of that particular story.     Above: Under a matching sky, looking southwest across the Phillips River scrub plain toward the homestead at Cocanarup. This is the primary site of the South Coast’s late -1800’s…

  • A short history of Aboriginal relations along the South Coast through the story of the Albany Aborigine Norngern and his King George Town contemporaries

    Tommy King was Norngern, and Norn was Wandinyilmernong.   This is a modified version of a piece submitted to Vol. 33 of  the academic journal Studies in Western Australian History during 2019. The edition, called ‘Albany: an antipodean Arcadia‘ edited by Malcom Traille and Harry Freemantle, carries a range of works from writers in some…

  • Interlude Pursued – Part 8

    Originally Published 15 December 2014: People of the Wild Cherry   Above:  Tijuk (Jeeuk-Bates), the Native or Wild Cherry, is related to the more widely known Quandong and a member of the Sandalwood Family. Also known as the Broom Ballart or Exocarpos Sparteus the plant is a weeping  shrub native to Western Australia. Tijuk  was totem  to a clan of the Ngadgu (Ngadjumaia), Aborigines  from the area north and east of Esperance.  Photo courtesy of Mrs…

  • Interlude Pursued – Part 7

    Originally Published 31 October 2014: Background to Violence   The events at Cocanarup during the 1880’s did not take place in a vacuum. Precedents of violent repression had been set along the Swan River since 1829, more forcibly at Pinjarra in 1834, the Vasse River and York District between 1835 and 1841 and at various localities in the North West…

  • Interlude Pursued – Part 6

    Originally Published 11 October 2014: Cross-cultural understanding and the difficulty in researching old family histories Preface: The following post, as with others in the Interlude sequence, contains the names and images of deceased Aboriginal persons. Also contained is a discussion about the difficulties Aboriginal families of the South West of Western Australia face in tracing their heritage….

  • Interlude Pursued – Part 5

    Originally Published 1 October 2014: Above:  Research takes time – I can’t go any faster. Photo Credit –

  • Interlude Pursued – Part 2

    Originally Published 19 August 2014; And Yandawalla and Mulyall, who were they?   Above: Unknown Noongar Brothers from an unknown origin. The photograph was taken from the Kaartdijin Noongar – Noongar Culture website. The men look to be brothers and look to be carrying the spoils of a recent hunt. There are so few photographs of the people…

  • Interlude Continued

    Originally Published  3 August 2014: Regina Vrs Yungala Supreme Court – Perth Monday, 24th October, 1881   Above: Albany’s 1869 government building  which housed the Court House, Post Office and Customs Office. Yungala was committed for trial at the Supreme Court in Perth after a hearing here on September 23rd, 1881, before Resident Magistrate Rowley Crozier Loftie.