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A look back at settlement along Western Australia's South Coast

Category: The Dunn family of Woodburn and Cocanarup

  • Interlude Resumed

    Originally Published 31 July 2014: Who were Henrietta Gillam and John Dunn?   Above:  Not Henrietta. There are no known photographs of Henrietta Gillam in the public domain so I had to go in search of an image that I thought might do her justice. This one from the Orien en Aeroplane cultural blog is idealised but appeals.

  • Interlude Postponed

    Originally Published  29 July 2014: Police Vrs Yungala Reviewing the trial files of September 1881   This is taking longer than expected so I’m putting off my next post relating to The Lost Love Of Henrietta Gillam until I can do it justice.  

  • Extended Interlude

    Originally Published 26 July 2014: Above:  Woodburn Homestead and Farm in 1913. The original dwelling is front and centre of the picture. By 1913 Woodburn had been sold to the Moir family. Photograph donated to the Albany History Collection by Gordon Norman. Following on from last week’s post I wanted to look into the circumstances of John Dunn’s…

  • Interlude

    Originally Published 16 July 2014:   I fell for Campbell Taylor’s history for a whole lot of reasons, not least because he was among a select group of sons to first Albany settlers.  These sons will come to occupy slabs of space in future history books relating to settlement along the South Coast, but only…

  • The Supporting Cast

    Originally Published 27 June 2014: Other people who are relevant to these pages during the 1840’s and onwards include the ex naval Lieutenant Peter Belches and the former East India Company men John Laurence Morley and Thomas Lyell Symers. We’re also interested in what Captain John Hassell and his wife Ellen got up to, what developments George Cheyne was able to forge and the…