The View From Mount Clarence

A look back at settlement along Western Australia's South Coast

Category: The Waterfront Precinct

  • Whalemen, Jumpships and Albany’s Old Waterfront Precinct

    An important off-cut from the Newhill/Newell project – 2019/20   Above: Albany’s waterfront precinct  cut from Albany 30A, King George’s Sound as marked by Philip Chauncy, Assistant Surveyor, 1851. Source: State Records Office of W.A.     AS we have seen from our investigations into 1830s and 1840s Albany, behind the imaginary fascia of the…

  • Jimmy’s Harbour – Newhill or Newell? Part 2

    Continued from Part 1   Whalemen, rebellion and Albany’s original newspaper; Jimmy (Ned) Newhill and 1880’s Albany   Above: Edward August Newhill, known among his friends and family as Jimmy, was granted title to the harbour after camping, fishing and hiding deserting whalemen there during the 1880s, but Newhill also led one of the single…