The View From Mount Clarence

A look back at settlement along Western Australia's South Coast

Tag: Cape Riche

  • Jimmy’s Harbour – Newell or Newhill? Part 1

    An un-won argument and the Newell family of early Albany   Above: Stockphoto of “Jimmy Newhill’s Harbour” drawn from the West Australian Government website Beachsafe.Org.Au  The photo is one of very few taken oceanside, looking northward into the mouth of the locally famous cove.   Introduction   As the settlement at King George Sound begins…

  • George Cheyne and The South Coast Fishery

    Originally Published  30 April 2014: Above: The Battle of Vinegar Hill, Co Wexford, Ireland, 1798. George Cheyne wasn’t there, but his brother John was. “Charge of the 5th Dragoon Guards on the insurgents – a recreant yeoman having deserted to them in uniform is being cut down” (William Sadler II)   The Cheynes were mostly medical…