The View From Mount Clarence

A look back at settlement along Western Australia's South Coast

Tag: George Meredith

  • Black Anderson: A Story of the South Coast – Part 1

    A 2022/23 revision of one of the South Coast’s most disreputable historical characters   Introduction, Contemporary Assessment and Historiography   Above: The identity of ‘John William ‘Black Jack’ Anderson and the story of his arrival along Western Australia’s South Coast is slowly being pieced together. Long a figure of intrigue and mystery, Anderson was perhaps…

  • Campbell Taylor and the Cape Arid Connection – 3 (c)

    Bob Gamble, John Bailey Pavey & Black Jack Anderson   Above: The story of Truganini, perhaps Australia’s best known female Aboriginal ancestor, extends through her sisters and other women like her, via Kangaroo Island, all the way to King George’s Sound. Cartoon image by Chris Grosz, taken from the politics, society and culture magazine The Monthly, May, 2012. While the…