The View From Mount Clarence

A look back at settlement along Western Australia's South Coast

Tag: Porongurups

  • Mokare’s Mob – Part 4a

    Mokare and Dr Alexander Collie (1793-1835)   And so to Dr Collie himself, Albany’s original ailing academic. Doctor, botanist and casual explorer, by the early 1830s Collie had become a reknown natural history collector as well. His naval experience aboard HMS Blossom cruising the coasts of the Americas, including the Pacific Islands and far north,…

  • The Supporting Cast

    Originally Published 27 June 2014: Other people who are relevant to these pages during the 1840’s and onwards include the ex naval Lieutenant Peter Belches and the former East India Company men John Laurence Morley and Thomas Lyell Symers. We’re also interested in what Captain John Hassell and his wife Ellen got up to, what developments George Cheyne was able to forge and the…